11.2022 - New publication!

Manuscript "New and Notable: On the importance of ryanodine receptor subunit cooperativity in the heart." available at Biophysical Journal

03.2022 - New publication!

Manuscript "Multi-Scale Computational Modeling of Spatial Calcium Handling From Nanodomain to Whole-Heart: Overview and Perspectives" available at Frontiers in Physiology

01.2022 - New publication!

Manuscript "Increased SERCA2a sub-cellular heterogeneity in right-ventricular heart failure inhibits excitation-contraction coupling and modulates arrhythmogenic dynamics" online pre-print now avaialble

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10.2021 - Welcome Liam!

It is with delight that we welcome Liam McCormick to the lab. Liam will be working on the Career Development Award on the remodelling of structure-function relationships in ageing

Find out more about the project here and about Liam here

10.2020 - Project funded

I have been awared a substantial grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC) as part of their Career Development Award Scheme. The project is looking at the role of multi-scale structural remodelling in the progressive dysfunction of the heart associated with ageing.