01.2020 - Manuscript Accepted

Manuscript "Multi-scale approaches for the simulation of cardiac electrophysiology: II - tissue-level structure and function" Online pre-print avaialble; part 1 coming soon!

25.11.2019 - PhD Opportunity

We have a PhD position for next academic year, looking at the multi-scale role of calcium dysregulation in cardiac dynamics. Please see findaphd for project and application details [Deadline passed]

27.10.2019 - New website launched!

The new version of the website is now live, with much more information on my research and cardiac electrophysiology in general. Enjoy!

10.2019 - Manuscript Accepted

Manuscript "Investigation of the role of myocyte orientations in cardiac arrhythmia using image-based models" Online pre-print avaialble open access

08.2019 - Manuscript Accepted

Manuscript "Arrhythmia Mechanisms and Spontaneous Calcium Release: Bi-directional Coupling Between Re-entrant and Focal Excitation" accepted by PLOS Computational Biology - open access