Code downloads

Here you will find links to download the code associated with all of my recent publications, including the "Multi-scale cardiac simulation framework" - C/C++ source code containing functionality for simulating cardiac electrophysiology from the sub-cellular to the whole-organ scale.
All source code is found in my Github homepage and on Zenodo

The Multi-scale Cardiac Simulation Framework.

This contains implementations for all recent publications as well as general further functionality. Novel components include:

  • Models of spatio-temporal, stochastic sub-cellular calcium dynamics.
  • Model reduction approaches for efficient modelling of spontaneous calcium release
  • Human atrial cell models
  • Update 01/2022: Sub-cellular heterogeneity controls and maps added
  • Update 09/2023: Network model of intercellular coupling added, as well as some further functionality for Spontaneous Release Functions

Sub-cellular heterogeneity analysis toolkit.

This contains the toolkit developed for the analysis of sub-cellular heterogeneity, as presented in the following studies: "Increased SERCA2a sub-cellular heterogeneity in right-ventricular heart failure inhibits excitation-contraction coupling and modulates arrhythmogenic dynamics" Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. ISSN 0962-8436 (In Press), and "Multi-scale approaches for the simulation of cardiac electrophysiology: I - sub-cellular and stochastic calcium dynamics from cell to organ" Methods (Elsevier) 2021 Volume 185, January 2021, Pages 49-59

This toolkit is designed to be compatible with the MSCSF, and specific heterogeneity maps associated with the above studies are provided with that code download.